Pacific Cycles – A Passion for Creating Exciting Bicycles

The international bicycle designer workshop that brings dreams and visions to life

At Pacific we s01_logoee our company not only as a bicycle factory but as an international designer workshop. With a staff of 100 people, 20 of whom are engineers, it is our company’s aim to foster long term relationships with our customers. We welcome them to approach us with new ideas so we can help them to bring their bicycle dreams and visions to life.

It is in this way that Pacific has honed it’s unique business strategy to provide a powerful R&D platform for over 40 renowned brands worldwide and a factory that specializes in quality, high-end products for niche markets.

International customers stay in our private rooms on the fourth floor. This “Pacific Hotel” has become a meeting spot for high-end bicycle customers and designers from all over the world, where they can discuss their latest ideas and dreams.

Two floors of the building are devoted entirely to our showroom, which is full of Pacific bikes from old to new as well as some classic international models and various bicycle paraphernalia.

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