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Kids Bikes

Brand: CUBE Model: 2110008
The exciting leap into the world of bikes should be fun for any youngster. The CUBE Kid 160's 16 inch wheels inspire confidence for young riders, with handling that's fun but stable. And sensibly proportioned, child-friendly components designed to last the course mean that family rides with mum and ..
Ex Tax:169.35€
Brand: CUBE Model: 2110006
With looks borrowed straight from CUBE's mountain bike range and a design tailored specially for young riders, the CUBIE is the ideal introduction to the joys of pedal power. We selected sensibly proportioned, child-friendly components that are designed to last the course, so you can rest assur..
Ex Tax:209.68€
Brand: MONTY Model: 2000001
Your children's first bike, a spectacular Monty in aluminum. Specially made for children from 1 to 3 years. It is lightweight and offers great safety. The 2.4"wheels offer great stability. Geometry and construction materials have been carefully studied. The 202 will give hours of fun to young aspiri..
Ex Tax:120.97€
Brand: SECTOR Model: 2040103
Sector girl's bike in bright pink and white with floral designs.The frame is Hi-Ten, has 1 speed and has auxiliary wheels, chain protector and bell.Suitable choice for children from 6 to 9 years old...
Ex Tax:101.61€
Brand: CHAMPIONS Model: 2040026
Cute pink BMX bike with high strength Hi-ten frame. Its brakes are V-Brake, it has a chain protector and a basket.Suitable for children 7-9 years old and height 120 cm-135 cm...
Ex Tax:86.29€
Brand: DINO BIKES Model: 2040099
Inspired by the Avengers characters, Dinobikes has built a dynamic children's bike that has auxiliary wheels, chain protector and wings.Suitable for children from 3 to 5 years old and height 95 cm-110 cm...
Ex Tax:108.87€
Brand: GEPIDA Model: 2010039
 It is extremely important to us to satisfy the needs of the smaller generation too, therefore we make children bikes with premium quality category instead of low grade merchandize that would give them painful experience when they first tried riding the bike. Kids riding these bikes can get dex..
Ex Tax:76.61€
Brand: LEADER Model: 2040047
Suitable for mountain and city.Leader's quality construction gives children the freedom to look for new emotions.Suitable for children 7-9 years old and height 120 cm-135 cm...
Ex Tax:149.19€
Brand: MBM Model: 2040108
Candy is the small Mountain Bike for girls with the right quality/price ratio.The single girder frame and the ultra soft seat make this bike unique, the same way as an adult mountain-bike! Cheerful, colourful and with an included doll basket to always be able to carry her favourite toy...
Ex Tax:130.65€
Brand: MBM Model: 2040170
Mountain bike suspension bicycle for children brand MBM District model with 24-inch double-chamber aluminum wheel, with steel frame and components and Shimano SH TY500 18-speed gearbox, available in 2 different opaque colors. Can also be used on off-road and suburban routes...
Ex Tax:212.90€
Brand: SECTOR Model: 2040093
The Rock bike is aimed at children aged 3 to 5 and ranges in height from 85 cm to 100 cm. Its main features are the Hi-ten frame, the protective cover of the chain, the auxiliary wheels, the reliable brakes and the ergonomic levers that are easy in handling by young children...
Ex Tax:98.39€
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